“You don’t need a silver fork to eat good food”

– Paul Prudhomme


Dining together is a sorely missed ritual right now.  Our need to connect has often been done with food, which is now fast, booked online and delivered in a box. How are we supposed to connect like this?  Building a high tea setting at home is much like building a personal shrine to the food gods by paying it appreciation.  Many of us will conceive an English or French arrangement of floral china and silverware but now we’re at home and can re-invent what this really looks like for you with whatever is available to you on hand.  What’s important is creating a space where you feel like royalty, whether that means lounging on cushions or perched up on a pedestal, you do you!  If you’re an avid fan of high tea there’s a good chance you’ll already have a tea set and you’ve probably been waiting your whole life for this, if so congratulations, go right ahead and order your high tea at home now! 

If not, well this post is for you in all its ‘high tea hack’ glory.

Set your scene

With Spring around the corner we could take it outdoors with a picture perfect picnic setting. Indoors dining can be done traditional at the table, in the living room on low tables for a more casual setting or rug up on the sofa with cushions and create an eastern style tea house

The hallowed tea set

For us commoners that don’t have one idly sitting around, we highly condone begging, borrowing and/or stealing fine china for your event, we all know someone with a set that’s just begging to be photographed in all their glory.  Alternatively go all out for a relaxed bohemian vibe with mismatched everything, think Moroccan style glass tumblers and those dollar store ramekins are dying to be styled up with

No Cake tier, no problem

If you’re feeling creative why not have a crack at building your own cake stands using a few cute plates on top of vases, upturned bowls or stacked books draped in beads and jewellery, let your imagination go wild and Pinterest my friend, will be your best friend

In What order do you serve your high tea? 

Like a meal out start with your savoury then end with your sweet so If you do have a cake tier and want to lay it up the traditional way here goes:

For ground level picnics make sure you have a large wooden cutting board – this makes a great base for savouries. A cute tray or platter will be perfect for your sweets.

Mamor’s  picnic high tea boxes come packed in mini compartments for ease of serving.

High tea hacks in summary: 

-Sub your water glass for a wine glass and dress up your water glasses with a simple bow/twine and spring of greenery

-Never underestimate the power of a good table cloth, and also what can be used as a table cloth 😉

-Never underestimate what can be used to create interesting display stands for food, books, vases, side tables, your storage room is now your treasure trove of options

-To reach the dizzying heights of high tea be prepared to break the first rule of design in keeping it simple. When you think it needs less, add more, more flowers, more greenery, more napkins and why is there never enough cream and jam?

Are you ready to have a crack at re-merchandising your dinner table yet and have your own high tea at home?

Order your takeaway high tea here 

When you do we’d love to see your work, tag us at @mamorchocolates!