Questions you might be afraid to ask and questions we just want to answer!

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What is high tea? 

This Elaborate dining ritual is celebrated all with a history started by Queen 

Read our blog about the history of high tea here

Is there a dress code?

Although we look very fancy, we really are very down to earth. All we ask is that you dress to impress yourself as it absolutely adds to the experience.  We like to take a leaf out of our favourite fashion designers book

” Luxury must be comfortable otherwise it is not luxury” – Coco Chanel

Cream or jam first on scones? 

We’re so glad you asked! Read our blog here

Is it macaron OR macaroon? 

We’re especially glad you asked this! A macaron refers to the meringue/almond meal cookies you know and love, a macaroon is actually coconut based cookie. Look out for our next blog about this!

Will there be a burlesque dancer or topless waiter while I dine there? (like, I’m bringing my Mother and that might be awkward)

Only if you book one in advance, otherwise no. These services are reserved for our private events such as hens and birthdays.

Can I hire a semi naked adonis to fan me and spoon feed me cake ,whilst lounging on the red sofa?

OMG YES let’s chat! Want a harpist too? that can be arranged!  We LOVE tailoring wild events in our venue

I’m hosting friends and family who don’t really know each other, any tips?

We’re an intimate space here at Mamor and like to provide intimate service, we lead you through your experience discussing the food and venue with our guests.  We’ve found this takes the pressure off you as the organiser so you can sit back and enjoy your company.

Social anxiety post lockdown is a real thing, so if you’re needing some practical advice here’s a blog about conversation starters . We got you!!



High Tea, High Drama…

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