While a wedding starts with a ‘yes’, and ends with an “I do”, there’s plenty to organise and plan in between! With all the excitement (and stress) of planning the big day, the bridal squad need to let loose, and the hens party is the perfect opportunity for a pre-wedding hurrah. And guess what? Done properly, it doesn’t have to be a planning nightmare!

Follow our easy steps for making the hens party the second-best day of her life, and you’ll all have a low stress, night (or day!) to remember!


Find out what the bride wants

First things first: talk to the bride to be; it’s her night after all! She may prefer a daytime or afternoon event rather than an evening shindig. Her ideal hens party might be a quiet get together rather than a raging party. There are no hard and fast rules on what a hens party entails, it simply comes down to what she enjoys.


Work out a date

Have a chat with the bride about what dates and times work for her. Since you’ll be organising multiple people to attend, get the bride nominate a few different dates that suit her so you have a few options if there are clashes with other attendees. The weeks prior to the wedding are a busy time for the bride, so taking her lead on available dates will keep stress down for her.


Work out numbers

Now that you know what the bride wants and when she’s available, you can start working out numbers. This will help with budgeting and finding the right venue. There’s no ‘right’ number of guests for a hens party. Whether the bride has an army of friends and family, or prefers a smaller tight knit group a great time can be had with a little planning.

Talk to the bride about who she’d like to have present, to avoid any awkwardness. Once you’ve got a bride-approved guest list, creating a Facebook event makes it super easy to organise a group chat for planning, inviting, and tracking RSVPs, or you can go old school and send out invitations.

Pick a theme

If you’re going with a theme, now is a great time to plan it. Is the bride a vintage gal who would love a night of burlesque? Does she love to hit up karaoke after some bubbly? Or maybe she’d love a picnic? Whatever your bride’s tastes, working out a theme will help you stick to your budget while also finding the right venue.

At Mamor, we can host a variety of events from high tea with tarot readings, life drawing classes,  a drag show, vintage cocktail party and whatever other delights you and your bride can conjure up for her perfect hens party.



Find your perfect venue

Once you’ve got your date, numbers, budget, and theme, now the real fun begins! It’s time to go venue hunting for the perfect locale for the hens party. If you’ve decided on a special activity like life drawing or topless waiters (yes, we do this too!), confirm that the venue can accommodate those requests. Also consider the dietary requirements of your guests and check the venue can cater for them. Is anyone gluten free, vegan, or have allergies? Talk to us about our decadent high teas which can be made to accommodate all of these diets.



Have a fabulous time

It’s what you’re all there for after all! Shake it loose and enjoy the delicious food and flowing drinks with great friends, and celebrate this important time with the bride-to-be!

To learn more about hosting your hens party at Mamor Chocolate’s, check out our function options and get in touch to talk through your hens party ideas.