During lockdown we all watched Amazon doubled their income and forced many small business operations to close their doors.  That’s just not cricket, its time to turn the tide and get up close and personal with the makers in your neighbourhood.

Why we should shop local is not only a financial benefit to our community but we support the diversity of our local culture and its unique identity.  Your dollar votes who you want to see more of in the future so make it count

1. Nurture your communities identity

One thing is for sure, entrepreneurs breathe life into the community. Local businesses create a culture that easily becomes a trademark for the place and attracts visitors i.e. influencing tourism.

See what gorgeous events City of Yarra are putting on such as Carols in Darling gardens Dec 8th and the projection festival at the Richmond town hall Dec 15-Jan 3

2. Small businesses offer better retail experiences

As opposed to the copy-paste products sold at large companies, local shops are a source of creativity and originality. They offer one-of-kind products or services that they’ll be more than happy to customise and personalise according to your wishes. See our google reviews

4. Unique and exclusive

Two words…small batch.

Often times the production of small-batch products involves the use of techniques, processes, and/or ingredients that might not be seen as “cost-efficient” in mass production. See our Chocolates here

4. Be a clean green bunny!

Local retailers pride themselves on sourcing food and products using more responsible practices. In addition to the fact that your products aren’t shipped from half way around the world you can keep those carbon credits in your pocket for personal travel.

5. Because convenience

Shorter, and more infrequent lines mean less stress and hassle when it comes to getting what you need from the buying local. Why you could even use public transport while you’re at it and save on the horrendous cost of gas right now. We’re a 7min walk from the 86 tram and a 5min walk from the Mernda / Hurstbridge line.  Here’s an even easier option, purchase your high tea gift vouchers online here and print them at home

Ready to visit out shop? Location and hours

While you’re in the Collingwood hood, why not check out some other favourite quirky Collingwood/Fitzroy haunts


Fashion / Beauty

Vintage Garage


Design by Jude

Lore Perfumery

Jimmy Buttons Haberdashery


Other food/drink retailers

Bitters Lab – for all your cocktail needs

The Craft and co Gin distillery

Molly Rose Craft beers

Vegan Grocery Store Melbourne